Wednesday, November 11, 2015

NJAC Judgement With a Clickable Table of Contents

Recently, the Supreme Court of India called for the public's opinion on its judgement on the appointment of judges. You can download the judgement from the Supreme Court's website . It is difficult for readers to access the various judgments in this 1000 plus page document.

So decided to introduce a table of contents. It was a behemoth task: there were hyperlinked footnotes, text boxes, an array of styles, and what not.

With just two more days left for submitting public comments (13-11-2015), there was no other choice but to just introduce a Table of Contents and leave the rest of the document as it is. So now you can access the various sections with a click, however there are lots of blank pages to accommodate the foot notes and text boxes.

You can download it here

To download, right click on the document, and click Save as....